What’s Included in This Free Checklist?

I created this checklist to help crafters like me turn their hobby into a profitable business. Whether you just want to make a few extra bucks each month, or you want to turn your crafting into a full-time gig, you need to know where and how to get started.

In this checklist I include things like:

Establish Business & Personal Goals

Identify & Mitigate Financial Risks

Determine Your Startup Costs

Identify Your Customers

Creating a Logo For Your Crafting Business

Registering Your Business With The Government

Setting Up Accounting

Determining Where to Sell Your Crafts

…and so much more!

What Will YOUR Crafting Pay For?

I’ve been able to pay my car payment, buy purses and shoes, and book an all-inclusive trip for my husband and I. One month I even made our mortgage payment! I’m not going to lie, I NEVER thought doing any of this would be possible, until I finally built up the courage to get started.

If I can do all of these things, YOU can do it too!

The best place to start for motivation is writing down the things you’d like to save for in life, or the things that you’d like to do but currently can’t afford. These are the things that your crafting business can pay for!

Maybe you want to treat yourself to a nice, relaxing day at the spa. Or what about taking the family to Disney this year?
Or maybe you want to save for a pool in the back yard.

You’ll never know what your crafting can pay for, or where your crafting business can take you, if you’re not willing to get started!
You already LOVE crafting right? So why not craft for a little bit (or a lot) of extra cash on the side?

You might just need some guidance and direction in getting started, setting up your business, and marketing yourself. Then with a little hard work, and determination, you too can become a Crafting Boss!